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CH16: Program Guide

6:00 AM  City Council Meeting  
7:15 AM  Senior Issues, Etc.  
 9:10 AM  City News (local news)  
 11:00 AM  Film Series  
11:40 AM  City News (local news)  
 11:50 AM  It's Good to Know    - Thursdays at  12:00PM  Human Services Meeting
12:25 PM  Evanston Manufacturing Day  
12:35 PM  GovFlix: The Wright Brothers  
1:10 PM  Ethnic Arts Festival (doc.)   
1:30 PM  City News (local news)  
 Senior Issues, Etc.  
 2:40 PM
 Film Series  
3:25 PM  It's Good to Know!  
  4:00 PM  EPL The Big Read: Luis A. Urrea  
  5:40 PM  City News (local news)  
  5:50 PM  Evanston Startup Showcase  
    6:55 PM  The Arts in Evanston (doc.)  
   7:20 PM  City News (local news)  
7:35 PM  GovFlix: Mt. St. Helen's Story   
  8:10 PM  City News (local news)  
  8:20 PM  Film Series  
    9:00 PM  Evanston Startup Showcase  
   10:00 PM
 GovFlix: The Wright Brothers  
   10:40 PM  It's Good to Know!  


Key to Standing Committees of the Council:
A&PW = Administration & Public Works
P&D= Planning & Development

Committee agendas and minutes