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The Parking Service Division is responsible for issuing parking permits for residential areas, 30+ surface lots, and 3 downtown garages owned and operated by the City. In addition, it handles the operation and maintenance of these lots and garages, parking meters and pay stations, the ParkEvanston App, and the parking citation enforcement.




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See side bar for further links to paying tickets and wheel tax, contesting a ticket, towing and boot programs, and snow plow and street cleaning regulations.

What You Need to Know About Parking Enforcement

The City of Evanston’s first step to enforce parking ordinances is to post signs and educate residents about parking restrictions. The city has a wide variety of ways that residents can keep informed about parking restrictions. Text or e-mail notifications are sent to subscribers one to two days prior to the actual street sweeping day.

All residents receive the street sweeping schedule and map in the mail before street cleaning starts March 1st of each year via a newsletter. The schedule and map is also included in the city’s spring/summer newsletter.

In order to avoid a ticket, be sure your state registration is up to date and you have paid your Wheel tax prior to the deadline. Signs are posted in residential parking districts which require a residential parking permit or one-day visitor’s permit.

Declared snow emergency/parking ban warning information
  • Check the city’s homepage
  • Tune in to cable channel 16
  • Sign up for the city’s E-newsletter
  • Listen to the city’s radio channel (AM 1650)
  • Call the snow hotline (847/864-SNOW) or 847/866-2917 for a 24-hour recorded message
  • Follow the city on Facebook or Twitter
  • The city’s 3-1-1 Call Center can be reached from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. by calling 3-1-1 or 847/448-4311; hours will be extended during snow events or citywide emergencies.
  • Visit the 3-1-1 Online Citizen Support Center.  Click here for more information.
City Code

The following information is a simplified version of information in the City Code. The City Code officially determines all procedures and policies having to do with parking enforcement.  Visit the Immobilization Program section of the City Code for additional information.

What happens after the city issues a ticket for a parking violation?

When a ticket is issued, the registered owner is given 10 days to pay the fine. The owner has 10 days from the date it is issued to contest the ticket. If the ticket is contested within the 10-day filing period, no penalties will be assessed while the case is being reviewed. Find out more information about contesting a ticket.

What are my ticket payment options?

Parking tickets may be paid by mail, in person, by phone or online. Click here for details. There are no payment plans available to pay parking tickets.

Please note that fines associated with vehicles that have been immobilized (“booted”) cannot be paid online. Only cash or credit card payments are accepted and you must contact the City Collector’s office to make payment in person or by phone at 847/448-8203.

What happens if a ticket is not paid or contested?

If the ticket is not paid by the original due date, the registered owner is mailed a second notice. The notice supplies information regarding the citation and options for paying or contesting the citation with an in-person, written or online hearing. The hearing will take place at the time indicated in the notice if payment or an alternate hearing request is not received prior to the hearing date on the notice. If the ticket is upheld in the adjudicated hearing, the registered owner has 21 days to pay the fine and applicable penalties.

Failure to pay or contest a citation within 35 days from the hearing decision may result in the matter being referred to a secondary collection agency.

Special Events (Northwestern Football) Parking Program

Starting in September 2019 the City of Evanston will introduce our new Football and Special Event Parking Program in Lot 54. We will be using a variable rate based on the current Northwestern Football for 2019. This rate will be effective in Lot 54 (approximately 200 spaces which runs along the Metra tracks and Poplar Ave, stretching from Livingston to the North and past Lincoln to the South). The rate on games days is a flat rate that is effect for the entire day regardless of when you park in the area.

Vehicles registered in Evanston through the Illinois Secretary of State with a paid 2019 Wheel Tax are not required to pay the special parking rate and can park for free in Lot 54 on game days.

All other vehicles are required to pay the special event rate based on the schedule below. There will also be signage in the area to assist people parking in the area.




Saturday, Sept. 14

12:01 AM-11:59 PM


Saturday, Sept. 21

12:01 AM-11:59 PM


Friday, Oct. 18*

12:00 PM-11:59 PM


Saturday, Oct. 26

12:01 AM-11:59 PM


Saturday, Nov. 9

12:01 AM-11:59 PM


Saturday, Nov. 16

12:01 AM-11:59 PM


Saturday, Nov. 23

12:01 AM-11:59 PM


*Game day rate for Friday 10/18/2019 goes into effect at Noon on that day. The spaces will be paid for and managed by the existing pay stations in the lot, as well as through the ParkEvanston app. Evanston PEOs will enforce throughout the day to check for Wheel Tax and to ensure compliance.

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