Parking Meters

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If you're parking for less than two hours, the on-street meters were designed for you. Evanston's new meters now accept coin and credit cards!

Evanston's new parking meters

Downtown Meters
Parking meters are in effect from 8am to 9pm Mondays through Saturdays citywide and are free on Sundays and holidays*. The charge for these meters is $1.50 per hour with a maximum time of 2 hours allowed unless otherwise noted. Always be sure to read the sign on the meter for more information as not all rates are the same and are subject to change.

Short term meters meters
The green-colored meters indicate short-term parking and are good for 20 or 30 minutes. Park at these meters to run quick errands.

City Parking Holidays
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Memorial Day
July 4
Labor Day
Christmas Day