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park evanston
The City of Evanston is proud to introduce Park Evanston, a mobile payment parking application that will allow drivers in Evanston to skip the trip to the meter and pay for parking directly from their mobile phone.

Learn all about how to use the new PassportParking app and mobile features below:

How to register for Park Evanston

How can users pay with their phones?

Is there a fee to use the app?

What is the maximum time allowed to park in a spot?

Where else can I use the PassportParking app?

How to register for Park Evanston

To utilize the new service, smart phone customers must first download and register the Park Evanston app from the Apple Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android users. One can also register for the service online at using Facebook, or by calling the local number listed on the meter.

Once registered for the service, drivers will have many options to pay for parking, including the PassportParking app and mobile website for smart phone users. Customers with basic cell phone capabilities will be able to use Pay-by-Text and Pay-by-Voice options.


How can users pay with their phones using Park Evanston?

Pay By App


Available for download on iOS and Android devices, the PassportParking app allows users to start or extend a parking session, add or update payment card details, electronically validate their parking, as well as manage notification and receipt options.

Is there a fee to use the app?

A $.35 service fee will be charged for the initial transaction for the parking space. However, there will be no service fee for extending parking to the maximum time allowed for that space

What is the maximum time allowed?

Drivers in Evanston can only park in a single parking space up to the allotted time shown on the sign, typically two or four hours.