Towed Vehicles

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The City does tow vehicles that are parked in violation of tow-away zones posted on public streets and in City lots, as well as City garages.

If you believe your vehicle was towed from one of these areas, you may contact North Shore Towing Company at (847) 864-2828 to verify that the City caused your vehicle to be towed and what the charges will be to obtain release of your vehicle. Tow charges are $150 and storage fees are based on the amount of time your vehicle has been stored by North Shore Towing. 

Vehicle owners have a right to a post-tow hearing to determine whether the vehicle was towed in accordance with local ordinances and state statutes. When you obtain your vehicle from North Shore Towing, you can indicate your request on the release form for a post-tow hearing. 

If the Hearings Officer determines that the vehicle was improperly towed, you will be refunded the full amount of any towing and storages fees that you paid.