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Alarm Registration

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As an Alarm/Security System user, an annual permit is required.

All alarm users are required to submit an annual alarm user information form. This addresses alarms connected directly to the city's communication center, a private monitoring firm, a proprietary central station or any other structure where an installed alarm system is capable of sounding an alarm throughout the building via the activation of a single device. 

TERM: Calendar Year.

FEE: $100 per application; $50 after July 1.

RENEWABLE: Yes: $30/year.


CONTACT:  Call 311 (847-448-4311)


False Alarm Ordinance

False Alarm Ordinance

False alarms place the lives and property of community members in jeopardy. While police and firefighters are responding to alarms that turn out to be false, they are less likely available to respond to alarms that are valid. In addition, the occupants are less likely to believe in their system with repeated false activations.

False Alarm Fee Increases Effective February 1, 2012

Ordinance 117-O-11 will increase the City of Evanston Police and Fire-related false alarm fees. This increase will take effect January 1, 2012. The ordinance would implement a 10% increase in police and fire-related false alarm fees. This was introduced at City Council on December 12, 2011 with expected approval on January 9, 2012. See fee structure and ordinance False Alarm Fee Increase

This fee is applied when the City’s emergency communication center is notified of four or more police or fire-related false alarms by a single user within a calendar year. The new false alarm fee structure will be as follows:


Number of False Alarms Per Year Fee Per Alarm
0 to 3 Alarms 0
4 to 10 Alarms $110.00
11 to 24 Alarms $330.00
25+ Alarms $550.00


In 2002 the Police and Fire Departments responded to over 6,000 false alarms (Police 4,700 and Fire 1,333). Many of these alarms resulted from smaller systems located in residential settings. In an effort to reduce the number of false activations, City Council approved the following modifications to the false alarm ordinance in July of 2003:

  • Reduced the number of free false alarms from 4 to 3
  • Modified the fee structure to: 4 to 10, $100 per occurrence; 11 to 24, $300 per occurrence; 25 +, $500 per occurrence
  • Eliminated the $1000 per occurrence category
  • Added a special fee schedule if the system does not have a current alarm permit:  No free false alarms; $250 for the first occurrence; $500 for each subsequent occurrence

The intent of the Ordinance is to encourage the alarm owners to maintain their systems so that they are reliable and have minimal false activations. The Ordinance has a "User Friendly" provision that allows the Alarm Administrator to waive an alarm occurrence if the owner took action to prevent the false alarm from recurring. All requests for waivers must be received by the Alarm Permit Coordinator in writing within thirty (30) days of the alarm occurrence. Requests should be mailed to Evanston Fire Life & Safety, 909 Lake Street, Evanston, IL 60202.

City Council also asks community members to research the proper usage of their alarm systems through manuals or by consulting their alarm dealers.