Film/Movie/Photo Shoot Permit

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Permission for film and photo shoots within the City of Evanston is coordinated by the Public Works Department, Division of Transportation, and we will do our best to ensure that your experience here is positive.

While it is the City of Evanston’s policy to accommodate requests to film in the City whenever possible, caution is exercised to keep disruption to a minimum. See the pdf below for an explanation of the general procedures for acquiring the appropriate permits for film and photo shoots. ATTACHMENT A of the pdf includes all regulations pertaining to film and photo shoots within the City of Evanston.

TERM: The film permit shall serve as the agreement for smaller productions taking only one or two days. Concerning private property, productions are limited to three (3) per street address per calendar year, and cannot occur within sixty (60) days of each other.

FEE: Permit fee: $75 ($25 for schools)

Parking Systems: Posting No Parking signs: $50 per block + time, hooding meters for reserved parking: $15/meter/day

Use of City land, buildings, parks, beaches, streets, and sidewalks: $25/hour

Police personnel: $40/hour

Other departments bill separately for services they provide, and the rates depend on the availability of personnel and service provided. Other departments that may be involved include the Police Department (traffic control, supervision), Fire Department (supervision), and Utilities Department / Public Works Agency (hydrant, water for wet-downs).



CONTACT: City of Evanston 311 or by phone at (847) 448-4311

APPLICATION: Film / Movies / Photo Shoot Permit

NOTE: See the above link for Media Production Guidelines.