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Film/Movie/Photo Shoot Permit

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Permission for film and photo shoots within the City of Evanston is coordinated by the Parking Division and we will do our best to insure your experience here is positive.

While it is the City of Evanston’s policy to accommodate request to film in the City whenever possible, caution is exercised to keep disruption to a minimum. This page explains the general procedures for acquiring the appropriate permits for filming and photo shoots. Please view Attachment A for rules

TERM: The film permit shall serve as the agreement for smaller productions taking only one or two days. Concerning private property, productions are limited to three (3) per street address per calendar year, and cannot occur within sixty (60) days of each other.

The first step in the process is filling out the online application. There are some required documents that you will need to upload along with the application that will be detailed below.

Applications need to be submitted at least 5 business day (7 business days if parking is needed) before the applied for start date to be reviewed. Any application with less than 5 business days (7 business days if parking is needed) before the applied for start date will be rejected.

Hold Harmless/Liability Insurance

 Every production working in Evanston must fill out our Liability Waiver
Also they must send us a copy of a liability insurance certificate. The insurance certificate must either name the City of Evanston as an additional insured, or the City must be listed as a certificate holder.
After the application has been approved there are additional requirements that need to be handled by the production company.

Hold Harmless Form

Notifying Neighbors/Neighboring Businesses

It is the producer’s responsibility to properly notify and flyer neighboring residents and/or businesses. Flyers should provide pertinent details and should be listed on company letterhead. 

- Filming Notice to be listed in the heading 

- Production Company/Project Title

- Dates/Times

- Locations where no parking signs will be posted

- Traffic Restrictions – list any street closures

- Notification of Special Effects or Weapons on Set (if any)

- Production Company Contact Name, Cell Phone Number and Email Address

Notification should be with as much notice as possible prior to your shoot with a minimum 72 hours. Notices should be provided to nearby businesses, residential properties and cars parked in the permitted area. It is the full responsibility of the Production Company to ensure proper notification.

Please submit the Community Relations Leaflet to us for review. Do not distribute the leaflets until your request has been submitted and approved by Evanston Parking Services. 

If you have a sample of your flyer you can attach it to this application, if not please email to include the name of the Event/Project in the email heading.

Submit payment for the total costs of the shoot before filming begins. Checks should be made out to the City of Evanston. Costs that are billed out of the Parking Services include:

 Permit Fees:
 Permit Fee  $75 ($25.00 for students)
 Posting “No Parking” Signs  $50.00 per block + time
 Reserving "Paid" parking (both metered and paystation areas)  $25.00 each meter/space day + time
 Use of City land, buildings, parks, beaches, streets, and sidewalks  $25.00/hour
 Police Personnel:  $40.00/hour


Other departments bill separately for services they provide, and the rates depend on the availability of personnel and service provided. Other departments that may be involved include the Police
Department (traffic control, supervision), Fire Department (supervision), and Water Department (hydrant, water for wet-downs).

The Film Permit

After all aspects of your shoot have been approved, the Parking Services Department will issue a Film Permit letter that will outline the parameters of the shoot. You must keep this letter on hand during production.


1) Beaches: Because filming and photo shoots have been deemed too disruptive of our beaches during beach season they are no longer allowed when beaches are open, from 10:30am to 8:00pm from the beginning of June to July 31st, and 10:30 am to 7:30 pm from August 1st through Labor Day.

2) Guns: The use of guns (real or fake) is not allowed without an Evanston police office on duty. If guns are used, you are required to have a firearms expert on hand.

3) “No Parking”: If signs need to be posted or parking meters hooded they must, by Ordinance, go up 48 hours before the parking ban (this extends the lead time needed for any application).

4) Generally parking will not be provided for personal vehicles. We will try to accommodate spaces for production vehicles, but all personal vehicles should not be parked on site.

For additional rules please be sure to read Attachment A



CONTACT: City of Evanston 311 or by phone at (847) 448-4311

APPLICATION: Film / Movies / Photo Shoot Permit

Applications need to be submitted at least 5 business days (7 business days if parking is needed) before the applied for start date to be reviewed. Any application with less than 5 business days (7 business days if parking is needed) before the applied for start date will be rejected.

NOTE: See the above link for Media Production Guidelines.