Liquor License Information and Applications

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Liquor Licenses Required:

  • It is unlawful to sell, manufacture, bottle, blend, possess on the premises, or offer for sale in the City of Evanston any alcoholic liquor without having a liquor license.

  • This includes one-day events on private property. Any exchange of money relative to alcohol being offered for consumption is considered a “sale”.  This includes fundraisers, entrance fees, and ticket sales. Applicants should complete a Z1 or Z2 license application. 

  • This includes one-day events on city-owned property at which alcohol will be served. Applicants should complete a Z3 or Z4 license application. 


City of Evanston Liquor Licensing at 2100 Ridge Avenue, Suite 4400, Evanston, IL 60201
Phone: 847.448.8160   I   Fax: 847.448.8093    I

If you wish to meet in person, please call or email ahead of time to set up an appointment.



One-Day Liquor Licenses:

 Special Event Liquor License:

For use only by Individuals or Organizations that have applied for and/or received a "Special Event Permit" from City Council.

Renewal Application & Installment Payment

  • *NEW* - Online form for renewal of existing liquor license

  • *NEW* - Online payment of 2nd installments of annual fees.

  • To file & pay online, click HERE.

Annual Liquor Licenses:

Fundraiser Notification Form

  • For use by Class C-1 licensees only that are hosting fundraisers at their place of business

  • Fundraiser Class C-1 Notification Form (Only for use by Class C-1 Licensees Hosting Fundraisers)



  • Paying 2017 Liquor Tax? click HERE 

  • Liquor sales are subject to City of Evanston Home Tax Rules

  • A 6% tax is levied by the City on the privilege of purchasing alcoholic liquor from a lawfully licensed liquor dealer.

  • Annual license holders are required to collect the tax and remit to the City of Evanston monthly.

  • Tax worksheets are due on the 20th day of the calendar month succeeding the end of the monthly filing period. A late fee of 10% per month delinquent is added for late payments.

  • Worksheets and payments should be remitted to The Revenue Office. Copies of worksheets and further information can be found on the Home Rule Tax webpage.

  • Please direct all questions and concerns to the Revenue Office at (847) 448-8203


General Information:

  • Any changes in Site Managers or partnerships, officers, directors, persons holding directly or beneficially more than five (5) percent of the stock or ownership interest, of establishments licensed under this Chapter, shall be reported in writing to the local liquor control commissioner within ten (10) days of the change. 

  • Site Managers and each shareholder owner with 5% or greater interest in the business is required to complete a background form and submit for fingerprints. Below are links to the necessary forms.

  • You must complete both fingerprinting and background form


  • Pay online. you will be emailed a confirmation with instructions on how to schedule a fingerprint appointment. 

  • Fingerprinting Process Fees may be paid online via this link.

Background Form:

  • Complete the background form and email to the liquor licensing department. 

  • Shareholder/Site Manager Background FORM.

Change of shareholders/Corporate Structure

  • Any change in shareholder (5% interest or more) requires a revised CORPORATION INFORMATION FORMUse ONLY for Changes in partnerships, officers, directors, shareholder or owners

  • Please submit within ten (10) days of change taking place.




  • All Owners, Managers, and Servers must be BASSET trained 

  • BASSET training courses are offered online and in-person by state-certified trainers

  • The alcohol sellers/server (BASSET certified) course is approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission

  • For more information please visit the Illinois Liquor Control Commission's BASSET page found here

  • For a list of  BASSET certified courses, please click here.