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Mobile Food Vendor License

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Required by any operation that provides food to the public and operates from a pushcart or a motorized vehicle.

The City of Evanston issues the MOBILE FOOD VENDOR LICENSE to pushcarts or hold/cold holding vehicles (ready-to-eat food is pre-packaged) and the MOBILE FOOD VEHICLE VENDOR LICENSE to commercially-manufactured, motorized mobile food units (ready-to-eat food is cooked, wrapped, packaged, processed, or portioned). In neither case may the food for public consumption be prepared or stored in the home.

TERM: Calendar Year.

FEE: Per cart or vehicle. Mobile Food Vendor  (Vehicles or Carts - Pre-packaged Food, Hot or Cold Holding Only) fee is based on food-handling risk category (see application).

Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor license fee is $500 per calendar year; $250 for the first year of operation if the license is issued after July 1.

RENEWABLE. No. An application must be submitted and an inspection of the cart or vehicle scheduled each year.


CONTACT: Ellyn Golden, Environmental Health Licensing Coordinator, (847) 866-2947 or

APPLICATION: Mobile Food Vendor License Application  (printable version)  
Vehicles or Carts - Pre-packaged Food, Hot or Cold Holding Only


APPLICATION: Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor License Application (Revised July, 2016) ( printable version only)

Checklist for Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor License Application

Please submit all required documents and information with your application. 

 See Evanston City Code 17-O-16 Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor Effective 7-9-16 for a comprehensive list of licensing requirements 


Per Evanston City Code, Title 3, Business Regulations, Chapter 13 Peddlers and Solicitors

  • No Sales allowed before 8 am and not after 9 pm
  • No stopping in any block for more than 30 minutes per day
  • No sales within 500 feet of any school (an even greater distance for the high school when school is in sessions)
  • No sales on streets near the high school stadium when events are being conducted.

Per Evanston City Code, Title 7, Public Ways Chapter 11-6 City Beaches and Boat Ramps

  • No sales within 100 feet of the public parks.  This includes the beaches

Per Evanston City Code, Title 10, Motor Vehicles and Traffic

  • No parking of any vehicle upon the street in a business district in order to make sales

    Evanston City Code
  • Mobile Food Vendors
    • Title 3 Chapter 13-2 License Required
    • Title 3 Chapter 13-9 Evanston Township High School Area
    • Title 3 Chapter 13-10 Hours Peddling Prohibited
    • Title 3 Chapter 13-11 Vehicle Restrictions
    • Title 3 Chapter 13-12 Areas Surrounding Schools
    • Title 7 Chapter 11-6(F) Regulations on City Beaches
    • Title 10 Chapter 4-3(B) Parking Restrictions in Business Districts
  • CHAPTER_11___PEDDLERS_AND_SOLICITORS (regulations also apply to food vendors)

State of Illinois