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Moving Vehicle and Storage Container Permit

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MVSC Permit

Per City Code 7-2-6(G).

The purpose of this program is to allow customers to reserve public parking spaces and/or other public right-of-way spaces for loading and unloading of moving vehicles and/or storage containers without obstructing traffic flow. This is NOT a mandatory permit for those who DO NOT WISH to reserve parking spaces for their moving needs. However, this permit is mandatory for those who are applying for STORAGE CONTAINER PLACEMENT.


Moving Vehicle
  • $120.00 fee will be charged per location, per occurrence within  the regular parking area per ordinance 130-O-18. Additional charges may apply within the metered parking area.
Storage Container
  • $120.00 fee will be charged per storage container per occurrence per week or less.
  • Allocation of space will not be allowed for more than 3 consecutive weeks.
Cancellation Fee
  • Any permit cancellation requested by a customer will be assessed a $25 cancellation fee upon its approval.


The applications will be reviewed and approved on a “first-come, first-served” basis by the Public Works Agency. Upon the approval of the application, the applicant will be notified by designated personnel via email or phone, and then presented with several options for payment. Once the application fee is processed, the permit will be issued automatically. There will be no official notice in any form sent to the customer confirming the issuance of the permit.


  • Due to concerns caused by Covid-19, do not come to the Civic Center with moving vehicle or storage unit questions or applications. Rather, you must use this Google Forms link to fill out the application and we will respond as soon as possible.
    • Open one of the following
    • Save this blank form to your computer first (DO NOT fill in the web document). Name this file using the first letter of the applicant's first name, applicant's last name and the word “MVSC” combined together. For example, an application by Jenny Johns would be saved as:
      • “JJohnsMVSC.doc” for MS Word users
      • "JJohnsMVSC.pdf" for PDF version users
    • Provide all of the required information by typing it in the corresponding fields including your full name and date at the bottom of the  document in the signature field. Please note that you are providing an electronic signature for the application. There is no need for you to print the application out.
    • Email the saved file to the City of Evanston at, or, if you cannot access an email account, please print out the form, fill it out by hand and turn it in to the Permits Desk at City of Evanston Civic Center.

Any such application must be submitted no less than 10 (ten) business days prior to the actual move. Any such permit shall be valid only for the move-in or move-out date(s) specified in the application. The emailed or phoned-in notification of approval and a fee payment fully processed by Designee or through the Collector's office, combined together, are hereby to certify that the “MVSC Permit” is being issued to the applicant. City personnel sets up a "No Parking Zone" are at lease 48 hour prior to the date(s) approved for such activities in the regular parking lane, or it allocates a "No Parking Zone" area at least 2 hours prior to the times/dates approved for such activities in the metered parking zone.

A certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the City of Evanston as an additional insured must be produced by the company providing storage container services before the permit can be approved. It is the applicant's responsibility to inform the company of such requirement. (Please note that these requirements only apply to storage container permit applications)

The penalty for placing a storage container shall be $500 per day if the permit expires and the obstruction remains. However, the Director of Public Works Agency may extend the permit upon request by the applicant. The penalty shall be $500 per day for obstructing the public way without a permit (except in cases of emergency). However, if all permit requirements are subsequently met and a permit is issued, the penalty may be reduced to an amount equal to the fee scheduled for such permit. (Please note that these penalties only apply to storage container permit violations)