Climate change is one of the largest environmental issues facing Evanston, along with the rest of the world. Evanston was selected as the 2015 U.S. Earth Hour City Capital by the World Wildlife Fund.

Evanston Named 2015 Fund Earth Hour City Capital by World Wildlife Fund


Evanston was selected as the WWF’s U.S. Earth Hour City Capital by an 11-member jury composed of renowned leaders in urban sustainability. The panel noted Evanston’s impressive commitment and demonstrable progress toward fighting climate change.

#WeLoveEvanston Update:  With a total of 14,365 votes, Evanston had the second highest number of votes per capita, trailing only 2015 winner Balikpapan, Indonesia. Despite having one of the competition's smallest populations, Evanston had the fourth largest vote total overall, eclipsing much larger cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, and Vancouver, Canada.

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Thanks to all of the organizations and community members that voted and supported the #WeLoveEvanston campaign. 




Annual Report


The Office of Sustainability has released the annual sustainability report for 2014 which can be found here.



Think Outside the Bag


Starting August 1, 2015 the Evanston shopping bag ordinance goes into effect. More information can be found here.



Evanston Climate Action Timeline

STAR Communities

In line with Evanston's tradition of leadership and goal to be the Most Livable City in America, the City is one of the first 30 communities nationwide to evaluate community sustainablity based on the STAR framework which assesses a communities ability to provide for the health and wellbeing of people, a strong local economy, environmental stewardship.

Green Ribbon Committee

The Green Ribbon Committee is comprised of the seven largest employers in Evanston and is  dedicated to ongoing collaboration in an attempt to advance strategies outlined in ECAP.


  • Community Resources - This section holds all the resources for any of the 6 areas of interest that we have made available to residents.

Community Participation

The best way that Evanston can become a more sustainable city is through community participation. You are encouraged to contact the Office of Sustainability at with any comments or questions regarding current initiatives as well as suggestions on future projects that we should explore.