Climate change is one of the largest environmental issues facing Evanston, along with the rest of the world. Help Evanston celebrate its climate accomplishments and rally around continued climate action by supporting the #WeLoveEvanston campaign!

Take the Pledge for Earth Hour, March 28! 

Earth Hour Pledge.png

Download the "I Took the Pledge" Sticker and post it on your social media pages! Use #WeLoveEvanston.

Support Evanston in the "We Love Cities" Campaign

The City of Evanston is proud to announce that Evanston has been selected as a finalist to represent the United State in the World Wildife Fund's (WWF) Earth Hour City Challenge. This is an international challenge with over 40 organizations taking part from all across the globe. Evanston has been selected as one of three communities from the U.S. to participate.

In order to be named the Earth Hour Capital of the world Evanston must win the "We Love Cities" competition by receiving the most votes from community members. Voting will take place from January 26 through Friday, March 27. We encourage all community members to check out voting instructions below and to demonstrate how and why they love Evanston by visiting

To help Evanston’s bid to win, community members are asked to:

  • Visit to vote and provide feedback on ways Evanston can become more sustainable;
  • Follow and tweet @GreenEvanston using the hashtag #WeLoveEvanston;
  • Follow and tag @CityofEvanston on Instagram to share photos of your favorite Evanston places, “green ideas,” and more using the hashtag #WeLoveEvanston.

If you want to help Evanston's chances even more then download a few of the materials below and post them on your own social media accounts to encourage others to support Evanston and show others why you love Evanston.

Downloadable #WeLoveEvanston Banners

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We Love Evanston Logo v2

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Dimensions: 24" x 36"

Remember you can vote once per day, per device so make sure to follow us for reminders to vote each day and to see what other's are saying about why and what they love about Evanston. For the full press release click here and make sure to visit to vote and follow the campaign!

Evanston Climate Action Timeline

STAR Communities

In line with Evanston's tradition of leadership and goal to be the Most Livable City in America, the City is one of the first 30 communities nationwide to evaluate community sustainablity based on the STAR framework which assesses a communities ability to provide for the health and wellbeing of people, a strong local economy, environmental stewardship.

Green Ribbon Committee

The Green Ribbon Committee is comprised of the seven largest employers in Evanston and is  dedicated to ongoing collaboration in an attempt to advance strategies outlined in ECAP.


  • Community Resources - This section holds all the resources for any of the 6 areas of interest that we have made available to residents.

Community Participation

The best way that Evanston can become a more sustainable city is through community participation. You are encouraged to contact the Office of Sustainability at with any comments or questions regarding current initiatives as well as suggestions on future projects that we should explore.